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Veltheimia viridifolia
Veltheimia viridifolia
Veltheimia viridifolia

Veltheimia viridifolia Forest Lily

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plant 6to10"
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12 inches
light shade
medium water use

Veltheimia viridifolia also known as Forest Lily is native to South Africa.

A unique and beautiful plant with a clump of broad shining deep green , wavy margined leaves 1 ft long and 3 inches wide . Heavy cluster of pale rose , green tipped , tubular , drooping flowers on a 12 inch stout , brown marked stem , resembling the red hot poker flower. The flowers appear in the winter or early spring.

To plant the Velthemia virififolia set the bulb with upper 1/3 above the surface of the soil. Grow cool and keep barely moist until roots start to form. Increase watering , light  and warmth as growth begins. Fertilize every 2 weeks through the growing season. Dry off as foliage ripens in the summer ; resume watering in September when new growth begins. Best grown in the shade out of doors , Inside in a good bright light location.

The plant is 4 to 5 years old grown from seed , it has been my experiance that they flower 3 to 5 years after planting from seed .

We are offering a well established plant 6 to 10 inches tall.