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Torito Blush Zonal Geranium

Torito Blush Zonal Geranium Pelargonium Hortorum Torito Blush

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flower color
Pelargonium hortorum
low water use

Torito Blush Geranium has a compact growth form, the flowers are white and just a blush of lavender/pink on the margin of the petals,   are in clusters each flower within the cluster is approx... 1 to 1 ¼ inch in diameter with Pelargonium Hortorum also known as Zonal Geranium is the result of hundreds of years of breeding of a species Pelargonium from South Africa, the parentage of today’s varieties has become obscured.

In general Zonal Geraniums are treated as annuals but in mild wintered areas they can and do flower all year long.  Use them to provide pockets of color in any sunny spot , group 3 or more together for color impact  in flower borers or along walks and of course containers.

Torito Blush can reach 12 inches in height and about as wide, plant 12 to 16 inches apart , in full sun, in a soil that drains quickly , pinch the tips every so often to encourage branching and more flowers , Remove spent blooms

We are offering a well established plant that is about 4 to 6 inches tall.