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Senecio herreanus

Senecio herreanus Gooseberry Plant

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cactus, succulent
flower color
indoor, containers
light shade
low water use

Senecio herreanus is native to South Africa it is named for German botanist Hans Herre ( 1895- 1979).  Also known as Gooseberry Plant or String of beads.

 Globular succulent leaves the size of Garbanzo Beans. The foliage can be variegated, crimson in color with smooth textured, fleshy leaves. A friend commented recently that the leaves looked like very small watermelons. Stronger light will cause less spacing between leaf nodes making the plant more compact. Flowers are small, white, not showy yet have a strong cinnamon smell.

Grow light shade outdoors, indoor in bright light. Use a fast draining soil.

An easy to grow plant with cascading foliage, indoor houseplant or outside in mild wintered areas, protect from frost, hardy to 45 degrees F.

We are offering a well-established plant about 3 inches wide.