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Red Pitahaya
Red Pitahaya

Red Pitahaya Hylocereus undatus

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flower color
10 feet
medium water use

Dragon Fruit also known as Pitahaya and Hylocereus undatus is native to South America it produces an exotic fruit popular with the Aztec Indians, being mentioned in historical documents dating to the 13th century, the fruit was also enjoyed by the Spanish Conquistador’s. The Red Pitahaya is native to Guatemala and Nicaragua the variety we have is self-fertile which is rather unusual in the Red’s.

We received our original cutting from Jenny Saragosa  of Carpinteria CA  around 1996, she had collected it on one of her travels into Central and South America

The fruit from the Pitahaya can weigh up to one pound. It has the most fantastic florescent magenta colored pulp with a unique yet pleasant  taste.


We are offering for sale  a well established plant that will be 8 to 12 inches long.