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Portulacaria afra Aurea
Portulacaria afra Aurea

Portulacaria afra Aurea Yellow Elephant Food

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flower color
lavender pink
bonsai, container, groundcover
low water use

Portulacaria afra Aurea also known as Yellow Rainbow Bush, Yellow Elephant Food is native to Namibia in Africa where it is a favorite pachyderm snack. 

This slow growing low sprawling succulent groundcover has reddish brown stems and pale yellow to light green ¾ inch rounded leaves. The leaves emerge bright yellow with a faint trim of raspberry . The youngest leaves are the brightest ; as thy mature , they deepen to yellow-green as they also acquire a dusting of tiny silver flecks.

The Yellow Elephant Food is a very easy to grow succulent that works as a great bonsai plant, hanging basket or a ground cover in near frost free climates.

Rarely seen lavender-pink flowers may appear if the plant is stressed due to prolonged lack of water. If it does flower it  would make a nice contrast against the yellow leaves.


We are offering a well-established plant that is about 6 to 8 inches wide and about 3 inches tall