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Pelargonium hortorum Warren North Emerald:

Pelargonium hortorum Warren North Emerald: Fancy Leaf Geranium Warren North Emerald:

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flower color
containers, landscape
sun , partial shade
low water use

Fancy Leaf Geranium Warren North Emerald: this cultivar has a compact growth pattern, new leaves are marked with a pink blush.

Variegated Pelargonium Hortorum  also known as  Fancy Leaf Geranium , Variegated  Zonal Geranium , Patterned Leaf Geranium and Ornamental  Foliaged Geranium.

 The Fancy Leaf Zonals are Pelargoniums that were first hybridized in the early 1800's for their brilliant leaf colors and were considered very desirable in Victorian times. It is usually suggested that they be grown away from hot , direct sun as they may sunburn showing browning of the leaf tissue. Morning sun and afternoon shade are favored.

 If you need a spot of consistent, reliable, bright color try the Fancy Leaf Geranium is truly Colorful Eye Candy and a  wonderful addition to any garden.  Use them in containers or in the garden they will reward you with a bounty of long lasting blooms throughout the summer.

 We are offering for sale a well-established  blooming size plant 3 to 4 inches tall.