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Pelargonium hortorum variegated Mr. Henry Cox

Pelargonium hortorum variegated Mr. Henry Cox Fancy Leaf Geranium Mr. Henry Cox

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Pelargonium hortorum
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Geranium "MR. Henry Cox" also know as Pelargonium hortorm "Mr. Henry Cox".  Splashes of Brown , Gold , Red , Orange , and Yellow , on a scalloped toothed leaf , makes this quite a show all the time . It is really difficult to say which is more attractive the foliage or the clusters of medium pink flowers. The correct name of this plant is MR. HENRY COX. Hazel Key in England has researched this plant because it has been called both Mr., Henry Cox and Mrs. Henry Cox. Doing her research she found that Mr. Henry Cox was never married and that his mother would have been called Mrs . William Cox. It took her 2 yrs. to follow the trail, going through all the catalogues available a Kew Botanical Gardens and also the British museum. The above information was furnished by Marilyn Holt  a world authority on geraniums. Growth pattern of Geranium Mr Cox is shrubby , succulent stemmed , to 3 ft. in full sun [ min. 5 hrs.]  afternoon preferred. He does well in container as well as garden beds. As with all Geraniums plant in any good fast draining soil , water when the top 1 inch of soil dries out , and feed with a well balanced fertilizer every 2 weeks  [spring through summer]. Pinch or prune the growing tips to encourage side branching and remove faded flowers regularly to encourage new bloom.

We are offering a well-established plant that is about 3 to 5 inches tall