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Pelargonium Hortorum Raspberry Twizzle

Pelargonium Hortorum Raspberry Twizzle Zonal Geranium Raspberry Twizzle

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Pelargonium Hortorum Raspberry Twizzle: Dark Green leaves contrast to blooms of white and purple swarled petals. A very compact growth pattern.

Pelargonium Hortorum also known as Zonal Geraniums are a true garden favorite, Pelargonium Hybrides can't be beat for spectacular vigor and bloom; All summer your can expect several flower heads held on succulent stems to cover the plant.

Plants do that do not bloom are not getting enough light. Give you Zonal Geraniums as much light as you can spring through fall including direct sunlight. If you intend to grow them indoors put the plant in a sunny window.

Zonal Geraniums prefer a dry climate, that means you should avoid flower beds or containers in areas of high humidity or no air circulation or your geraniums will eventually pick up a disease called botrytis (a mold that turns leaves brow-gray) Water thoroughly then allow the top to dry out before wateringg again. Keep the leaves dry when watering. Feed spring through summer with a high phosphorus fertilizer to premote blooming.

Pruning your Zonal Geranium will force new growth, bringing you more flowers as well as keeping the plant neat and orderly, deadheading (removing spent flowers) will also keep your plant looking good and promote more blooms

Cut the plant back hard in the spring to keep it compact , Pinching off the growing tips will incourage branching.

We are offering a well-established blooming size plant that is 3 to 5 inches tall.