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Pelargonium Domesticum Giant Butterfly

Pelargonium Domesticum Giant Butterfly Martha Washingto Giant Butterfly

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containers, landscape
light shade
low water use

Pelargonium Domesticum Giant Butterfly  large lilac flowers upper petals slightly darker, cherry and purple blotches with heavy dark veins. Large flowers pretty plant in full flowee.  Hybridizer r.Gubler, Switzerland

Pelargonium Domesticum also known as Regal Geraniums, French Geraniums, Lady or Martha Washington Geraniums are descended from Pelargonium cucullatum and Pelargonium gradiflorium both native to South Africa. They were quite popular in the United States in the early 1900’s and are currently enjoying resurgence in popularity today.


Martha Washington Geraniums possess strong upright, woody stems to about 2 feet tall, clothed with stiff, green, pleated, pointy-lobed leaves: their blossoms, which are held in clusters in spring through the cooler parts of summer.   Regal Geraniums are among the most colorful and attractive of the geranium world. These eye catching plants require cool (50 to 60 F) night temperatures in order to bloom. Grow them in containers to be enjoyed indoors when in bloom for 4 to 6 weeks. Plant outdoors in frost free areas in half day sun locations.

We are offering a well established plant 4 to 6 inches tall