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Night Blooming Cereus
Night Blooming Cereus
Night Blooming Cereus

Night Blooming Cereus Seleicereus piteranthus

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flower color
20 feet
light shade
low water use

Night Blooming Cereus ,also known as Selenicereus piteranthus and  Princess of the Night is native to Mexico.

Extremely large white flower 14 to 17 inches in diameter that starts to open in around 7 or 8 pm and is fully open by 11 pm. In habitat it is pollinated by bats and moths.

The Night Blooming Cereus is a trailing epiphytic climbing type of cactus , with leaves that are 3 ft. long and jointed , it has short spines along the sides of its 4 to 6 sided leaf . While some say the flower is fragrant , I have not been able to detect much of a fragrance at all. Grow out doors in mild wintered areas it requires bright light but not direct sunlight and will need a trellis or support as it grows.

We are offering for sale a well-established plant that is about 6 to 10 inches long.