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Kalanchoe Beauverdi
Kalanchoe Beauverdi

Kalanchoe Beauverdi Widow's Thrill

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hanging containers
sun / bright light
low water use

Kalancoe Beauverdi alson known as Widow's Thrill is native to Madagacar.

A climbing and vining plant with wiry stems that clamber and twine, holding narrow 1 to 2 inch long lance shaped black or dark purple succulent leaves that are widely spaced opposite pairs alternatin 90 degrees from the last pair.

Dark purple tinged gray green flowers hang downward in terminal clusters in winter and spring , perfect for the hanging pot.

Kalanchoe Beauverdi is easy to reproduce because it grows new plantlets at the tip of the leaves.

Plant in full sun or partial shade in a minld wintered area , must be protected from night tempetures below 30 degrees F.

Widow's Thrill is an extremely interesting plant and while one would not call it beautiful , it is so unusual that it is sure to attract attention.

We are offering a well-established pant that is about 6 to 8 inches long.