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Haworthia Fasciata
Haworthia Fasciata

Haworthia Fasciata Zebra Plant

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indoor, potted
full sun , partial shade
low water use


Haworthis Fasciata also known as Zebra Pant is a common species that our grandparents were growing on their window sills.

Stem less rosettes with many 3 inch long, narrow deltoid leaves having a smooth leaf face, marked strongly by white ridges formed horizontally across the dark green foliage of the underside of the leaf, and resembles zebra striping.

The Zebra plant forms 6 to 8 inch clumps, 3 to 4 inches tall. Flowers are greenish white, in 6 inch clusters.

Makes an excellent pot plant, can be grown indoors anywhere, outdoors in a frost free area. Grow in full sun to partial shade. Plant in well-drained soil, water infrequently. Slow growing spreads by offsets.

We are offering a well-established clump of plants that are about 3 inches in diameter.