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Giant Sea Squill
Giant Sea Squill
Giant Sea Squill
Giant Sea Squill
Giant Sea Squill

Giant Sea Squill Urginea maritime

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flower color
14 inches
light shade
low water use

Giant Sea Squill also known as Urginea maritime is native to the Mediterranean area.

A large bulb to 12 inch wide or more it rests partially above ground and produces 12 to 18 inch long 4 inch wide blue/green leaves that emerge in the fall. The Urginea maritime is a slow growing bulb will divide forming 2 bulbs for each one and eventually make a large clump. Its flower stalks rising 3 to 4 feet with tightly cluster pink tinged white flower buds that open from bottom up to expose the star shaped white flower with yellow centers.

Drought tolerant in costal California, hardy to 25 degrees F but best protected from frosts. Makes a fine container plant.

We are offering a well established plant the bulb of which is 1 1/2 to 2 inches in diameter.