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Easter Lily Cactus
Easter Lily Cactus
Easter Lily Cactus

Easter Lily Cactus Echinopsis hybrid

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10 inches
low water use

Echinopsis Hybrid also known as Easter Lily Cactus or Sea Urchin Cactus originally from South America.

A small 6 to 8 inch cylindrical or globular cactus that is easy to deal with. Water every week or two spring through fall with little to no water in the winter, feed frequently during the spring and summer months, provide a sunny location and fast draining soil. The Echinopsis is a free blooming in the summer producing large, many petal flowers in shades of white, and red, pink and purple the flower can reach 8 inches in diameter. The Easter Lily Cactus is generally grown in containers.

Our original plants came from a group hybridized by Frank Reinalt here in Santa Barbara many years ago, these are from seeds gathered in 2007 and were open pollinated.

We are offering a well-established plant, growing in a 3 inch containers; we are not able to determine the color at this time. They are 1  to  2 1/2 inches tall with offsets.