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Easter Cactus
Easter Cactus
Easter Cactus

Easter Cactus Ripsalidopsis rosea

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flower color
10 inches
light shade
medium water use

Easter Cactus also known as Ripsalidopsis Rosea is native to Brazil its flowers appear around Easter time April or May in a profusion of small 1 inch pink lavender flowers covering the tips of the leaves. Ripsalidopsis Rosea in habitat these cacti live on trees like certain orchids. Remember, they are from the jungle, give them, porous rich soil.

Not often seen and seldom offered. One might say it is rare as well as unique. The leaf is similar to a Christmas cactus leaf in that it is segmented but it is considerably smaller and the plant is a dwarf in comparison to the Christmas Cactus, take a close look at the photo. The plant has been described as a "miniaturized" Easter Cactus.

The Easter Cactus will grow out of doors in a frost free area or Indoors anywhere. It is an excellent Basket Plant. Feed frequently twice to a month during the growth and flowering season with liquid fertilizer.

We are offering for sale a well-established plant that is about 3 to 4 inches tall and branched.