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Donkey Tails
Donkey Tails
Donkey Tails

Donkey Tails Sedum morganianum

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flower color
light shade
low water use

Donkey Tails also known as Sedum morganianum is native to Mexico.

A good indoor plant anywhere, much used under protection of lath or eves in mild wintered areas. Thick, fleshy, light green leaves overlap each other along the stems to give a braided or ropelike effect. The flowers of the Donkey Tails are rarely seen are pink to deep red. Because it grows such long and pendulous stems, the most practical place to grow it is in a hanging pot or wall pot protected from the wind, or inside out of the way of being bumped into it the stems are very fragile and brake easily. Grow the Sedum Morganianum in good bright light but not direct sunlight. Water freely and feed 2 to 3 times during the summer with a liquid fertilizer.

We are offering a well-established plant that will beĀ 3 to 5 inches long.