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Bursera Fagaroides
Bursera Fagaroides
Bursera Fagaroides

Bursera Fagaroides Elephant Tree

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Bursera fagaroides also known as the Elephant Tree is native to northwestern Mexico and Baja California .

Bursera fagaroides is basically an interesting shrub or small tree, growing 1 to 5 feet tall and capable of reaching taller when irrigated. Because of its swollen trunk, wide spreading branches, and cold (to mid 20’s F.) as well as drought tolerance it will make a very nice “Bonsai” specimen.

This Burser’s  white papery bark is very attractive ,  peeling away to reveal gray-green color below. Widespread stems bear pinnately compound dark green leaves that have a citrus-like odor when crushed.  The creamy white colored flowers, which appear in the spring are very small (3/16 inches in diameter) and the small green fruit ( ¼ inch in diameter) may be clustered or solitary ripens slowly taking as long as one year, to split open and expose a  single seed (5/16 inches in diameter) that is bright yellow to day glow red.

The genus Burseraceae was named after Joachim Burser a German botanist. The dried sap of some of the species is sold as frankincense.

Bursera like well drained soil and full sun. Irrigate very little as too much water and fertilizer promotes lanky unattractive growth. This plant is drought deciduous in habiat but will also drop its leaves when temperatures drop in winter. It can tolerate light frosts but temperatures below 20 degrees F will result in damage.

We are offering a well-established plant who’s trunk is 1 to 1 ¼ inches in diameter.