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Boophone Distica
Boophone Distica
Boophone Distica
Boophone Distica
Boophone Distica
Boophone Distica

Boophone Distica Veld Fan

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pink to red
low water needs
container , landscape

Boophone disticha also known as Fan leaved boophone, Kaffir onion, Poison bulb, Veld fan, Windball,  Oxkiller fan, Tumbleweed is native to South Africa

The Boophone  disticha is an attractive , deciduous bulbous plant with a thick covering of dry scales above the ground. The large , round heads are on short stems that appear to grow directly from the bulb almost at ground level.  Flower color varies from pink to red and is sweetly scented. The flower stalks elongate after flowering to form a large seedhead.  This breaks off at the top of the stalk and tumbles across the veld dispersing the seed. Gray green leaves are erect , arranged in a fan shape and are produced after flowering . 

 This bulb is very POISONOUS. The name Boophone is derived from the Greek Bous, Ox and Phone , death , referring to the poisonous properties of the bulb. The specific name disticha means leaves , erect in a fan shape.  African bushman once used the poison for their arrows.

This plant thrives in full sun in well drained , sandy soil. Plant in an area protected from frost. The bulb should be planted  so the neck and part of the bulb show above the grown.

We are offering a bulb that is about 1 ½ inches to 2 inches in diameter, depending upon the time of the year this can have leaves showing  now.