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Billbergia Variegated Santa Barbara
Billbergia Variegated Santa Barbara

Billbergia Variegated Santa Barbara Billbergia nutans varietata Santa Barbara

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flower color
10 inches
light shade
medium water use

Variegated Queen Ann Tears also known as Bilbergia nutans variegata is a relative of the pineapple and is native to Brazil , where the plants grow as epiphytes on trees. Stiff spiny toothed leaves in a basal cluster with showy bracts of tubular  green, blue ,yellow and pink flowers droop in clusters.

The Variegated Billbergia Queen Ann Tears is usually grown in containers for display indoors or on patios. In frost free areas  it is often grown under trees as an easy ground cover, in borders ; or on limbs of trees or bark slabs , with roots wrapped in sphagnum moss or leaf mold. Pot in light , porous mixture of sand , ground bark , or leaf mold. Needs little water in the winter. When growth is slow; Large amounts of water when it is growing actively in the warm weather. Usually holds  water in funnel-like center of leaf rosette. Which acts as a reservoir? When grown as an indoors give the Billbergia nutans plenty of light and sun. Makes offsets freely ; easy to grow and propagate.

We are offering a well-established plant they are about 8 inches tall with offsets developing.