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Australian Grass Tree   S
Australian Grass Tree   S
Australian Grass Tree   S

Australian Grass Tree S Xanthorea

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10 feet
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AUSTRALIAN   GRASS TREE      XANTHHOREA   Australian Grass Tree also known as Xanthorea Preissi and Blackboy is native to Australia.

A long lived and slow growing plant it can reach 10 feet in height by 8 feet in diameter with a dense tuft of 4 foot long blue green grass like leaves radiating from the center of a woody trunk made from a mass of old leaf bases held together by a natural resin.

The Xanthorea will develop a trunk in 15 to 20 years and generally blooms in the spring when about 7 years old, sending up a flower stalk 6 to 8 feet that holds small star shaped white flowers that smell like honey are attractive to bees and humming birds, the plant will hold the stalk which turns brown long after the plant finishes flowering.

Plant the Australian Grass tree as you would a cactus or succulent, in full sun and well-drained soil.  It is an excellent container plant, we have had one in a container for 20 years, and of course it has been replanted several times in ever increasing container sizes.


We are offering a well-established plant . The leaves are about 12 to 14 or so inches tall.