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Aloe variegata
Aloe variegata
Aloe variegata
Aloe variegata
Aloe variegata

Aloe variegata Tiger Aloe , Partridge Breast Aloe

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Aloe Variegata a succulent also known as Partridge Breast Aloe and Tiger Aloe is native to the semi-arid regions of South Africa and southern Namibia. 

 Aloe variegate is a smaller aloe as it only grows to 10 to 12 inches tall to 9 inches wide. The plants are stem less and form groups of a few rosettes of 18 to 24 smooth dark green or brown leaves arranged in three ranks , each leave is about  10 -15 cm long and 3-6 cm broad, irregularly variegated alternately dark green and whitish, a distinctive keel is present on the lower leaf surface. The leaf margins are sporadically armed with tiny white teeth. Aloe variegate flower are relatively large and hang loosely from the inflorescence raceme, they are pink to pale red.  If drought stressed the plant will get red highlights that turns the deep green to a more brown color .

Aloe variegate was found in the Springbok District of Northern Cape South Africa by Simon Van Der Stel expedition in 1685 and has since had a long history of cultivation, hardy to 20 degrees F.  It is easily grown outdoors in mild wintered areas and indoor anywhere. Plant in a lightly shaded area for best color, in very well drained soil and irrigate little to occasionally.

We are offering for sale a well-established plant that is 3 to 4 inches tall.