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Aloe Salm-Dyckiana

Aloe Salm-Dyckiana

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low water required

Aloe Salm-Dyckiana is native to South Africa , a large Aloe (8 to 10 feet tall) upright flower spike with dark red flowers.

The Aloe salm-dyckiana will generally branch at the base but can have a solitary trunk with ver erect stems if crowded.

Plant in full sun in well-drained soil.  Little to no irrigation is required once established. Local observation indicates that this aloe is resistant to the Aloe Mite.

Aloe salm-dyckiana is thought to be a naturally occurring hybrid between Aloe Ferox and Aloe Arborescens.

We are offering a well-established plant that is about 6 to 10 inche tall.