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Aloe deltoideodonta Delta Lights
Aloe deltoideodonta Delta Lights

Aloe deltoideodonta Delta Lights Aloe Delta Lights

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low water use

Aloe deltoideodonta Delta Lights is a new hybrid of Aloe Deltoideodonta var. cadicans  that is native to Madagaascar.

Aloe Delta Lights a succulent produces pups from the base of the plant to make a cluster of rosettes with pale green 6 to 8 inch long by 2 inch wide leaves with darker green parallel lines and straw colored margins. Its flowers are orange tipped with green that open to almost  white and reflex downward.

This is an attractive plant for a small to medium sized container or in a well drained spot in the garden. The species comes from rocky sandstone hills at 3000 feet elevation in south west Madagascar.

Plant Aloe Delta Lights in full sun to light shade in a well drained soil and water occasionally in the summer months.

We are offering for sale  a well-established plant that is about 3 inches tall.