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Aloe Christmas Carol
Aloe Christmas Carol
Aloe Christmas Carol

Aloe Christmas Carol Christmas Carol Aloe

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6 inches
low water use

Aloe 'Christmas Carol

 This small aloe produces rosettes to under 1 foot tall with 6 inch long deep green lance shaped leaves that have vibrant dark raised red markings, some soft but spinelike, down the center and along the leaf margin. The flowers are reddish pink, though it is often described by others as orange. This Kelly Griffin hybrid is what Kelly calls a multi generation hybrid that possibly includes the legendary and beautiful Aloe 'Doran Black' as a parent or at the least shares some of its appearance - 'Doran Black' is a Dick Wright hybrid that involved hybrid plants of Aloe rauhii crossed with A. descognsii. 'Christmas Carol' has all the beauty of 'Doran Black' with the addition of vibrant red colors in the leaves. It should prove a great plant for a small scale ground cover, in the rock garden or for container gardening. Plant in full sun to light shade (color best with brighter light) in a well drained soil with occasional irrigation. Likely hardy to the mid 20's F but not well documented. 

We are offering for sale  a well-established plant about 1 ¼ inch tall by 2 inchs wide.