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Aloe arborescens  M
Aloe arborescens  M

Aloe arborescens M Torch Aloe

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12 to 14 inches
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low water use

Aloe arborescens also known as Red Torch Aloe native to South Africa is a large  succulent tree type Aloe with dense growth to 12 feet by an equal spresd with many 18 inch wide rosettes of narrow recurved soft toothed margined leaves  that are a dull green or yellowish green even sometimes a blue green depending on location and amount of light it receives . Red flowers hang tightly on an unbranched infloescence that rises 2 feet above the foliage in late fall to early winter here in Santa Barbara CA. humming birds love it. Plant in full sun to light shade.

Medical claims attributed to it are: "Used  to supercharge the immune system quickly. But no matter how it works on cancer, it safely gets rid of cancer cells and floods the body with super-nutrients."  According to the book by  Father Romano Zago, OFM as stated on the Cancer Tutor website.

We are offering for sale a plant 5 to 8 yr old  they are about 12 to 14 inches tall