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Agave Shawii
Agave Shawii
Agave Shawii
Agave Shawii
Agave Shawii

Agave Shawii Shaw's Agave

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Agave shawii  also known as Shaw’s  Agave is native to Southern California and Northern Baja California.

A medium size dense rosette forming plant that grows 2 to 3 feet tall in an upright fashion by 2 feet wide.  Additional suckers form at the base to create large stands or colonies.  The blue-green colored leaves are upward curving and have bent spines alone the margin as well as a rather wicked terminal spine.

The Agave shawii is a great accent plant for a dry garden, works exceptionally well in large containers on the patio, or use in mass plantings to mimic it’s natural look.  It will tolerate full sun to light shade and is hardy to 25 degrees F.

Shaw’s Agave naturally occurs in a narrow costal band in San Diego county California and Baja California.  Due to extensive coastal building it is almost impossible to find growing naturally north of the boarder.  It is rated as an endangered species in California and a threatened species in Baja.

The bloom spike is short 10 to 12 feet with white flowers that attract bees and humming birds . The seed for these plants were collected in the La Bufadora area near Ensenada  Baja California.


We are offering for sale a well established plant 4 to 6 inches tall.