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Agave pumila
Agave pumila

Agave pumila

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cactus/ succulent
flower color
house plant
bright light , full sun
low water usage

Agave pumila a very compact form, one of the smallest of the Agave’s. It is suspected to be a natural hybrid between Agave lechuguilla and Agave Victoria reginae. It is not known to have ever flowered.

The Agave pumila stays small usually 2 to 4 inches tall and as wide as a container grown plant, with a juvenile form for many years. Displaying short smooth stubby gray-green leaves that are deeply concave above and check-striped below with small marginal and terminal spines.  However if planted out, in well drained soil, irrigated correctly, in the right climate it will eventually  form an open and solitary rosette that has leaves that are paler and elongated to 16-18 inches long and that have a white leathery margins and a stout short brown terminal spine.

Agave pumila is easy to grow but very very slow. They need very well drained soil. Water well in the summer months but allow to dry between irrigation.  During the winter months water only enough to keep the leaves from shriveling.  Provide some shade in the summer months for best leaf color. Hardy to  about 20 degrees F.

We are offering a plant that is approximately 3 to 4 inches across and about 1 ½ inches tall