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Agave Mescal   L
Agave Mescal   L
Agave Mescal   L

Agave Mescal L Mescal Agave

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10 feet
low water use

Agave mescal also known as Mescal Agave is naive to Mexico  is seldom seen and rarely offered.  A shapely rosette the center leaves recurved and concave , soft - fleshy , bright green , the margins irregularly undulated and crenate , with brown teeth  on projecting cushions. A handsome speciman that is roughly tea cup shaped.

We had two or three of the Mescal Agave  these growing in adjacent to  the driveway , they never failed to draw attention to themselves and receive comments. Agave mescal can be grown in containers for quite a while but eventually get much to large for any container and must be moved to the the landscape.

As a house plant one must be careful of the sharp spine at the end of the leaf as well as the teeth on the leaf margins , easily dealt with by cutting them off with a pair of scissors.

We are offering for sale a well established plant  12 to 14 inches tall.