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Agave Blue Glow
Agave Blue Glow
Agave Blue Glow

Agave Blue Glow Agave Hybrid Bue Glow

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containers, landscape
sun , partial shade
low water use

Agave Blue Glow a hybrid derived between crossing Agave Attenuata and Agave Ocahui.  A handsome slow growing smaller Agave to two feet tall and three feet in diameter with 18 inch long leaves that are 1 to 1 ½ inches wide. Solitary, symmetrical rosette has smooth, blue-green leaves  rimmed  with red margins edged in yellow, with tiny soft spines. Each leaf tip bears a short red spine.

Plant in full sun near the coast , part shade inland.  Little irrigation is required but like all succulents , it appreciates at least a twice a month soak in fast draining soil especially the first year. Hardy to 20 degrees F once established. Note:  A bit of shade will enhance the blue tones that can fade fast during the summer heat.

Agave Blue Glow is suitable for pots because it tends to stay compact and not elongate as other kinds of Agave do. It is especially nice where back lighting can light up the red and yellow margin.

This hybrid is attributed to Kelly Griffin, yet this beautiful plant looks nothing like either parent though it apparently inherits the more durable tougher leaves , smaller size, solitary habit and sharp terminal spine of the Agave Ocahui and gets its broader leaves and blue green color from Agave Attenuata.

We are offering a well-established plant that is about 4 1/2 inches tall with about  6 inch spread.