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Agapanthus Inapertus Graskop
Agapanthus Inapertus Graskop

Agapanthus Inapertus Graskop

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Dark Blue/Violet
deciduous pernnial
landscape, containers
full sun
ample water

Agapanthus Inapertus  Graskop also known as Grassland Agapanthus is native to the nortwest Trasvaal region of South Africa

This striking Agapanthus with its compact head of drooping, dark violet blue flowers and neat clumps of strap shaped light green leaves always draws comments when first seen.

The buds as they emerge seem almost black and are held erect, slowly elongating and becoming pendulous as they open.

Useful in mass plantings, small groups, and as a potted plant.

Plant in full sun in well drained soil , give it regular waterings late spring through summer.  It is a deciduous species.

We are offering a well established plant that may or may not  be dormant depending upon the time of the year.