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Aeonium  Black Jade Plant  S
Aeonium  Black Jade Plant  S

Aeonium Black Jade Plant S Aeonium arboreum Schwartzkopf

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low water use

The Black Jade Plant  also known as Aeonium Schwarzkopf , Aeonium arboretum Schwarzkopf and Aeonium  Zwartkop , Is not really a Jade plant but in the same family, Crasulaceae , this native to Morocco grows erect to 3 feet tall is multi stemmed each branch with a 6 to 8 inch wide rosette of dark purple , black leaves.  An interesting feature of the Aeonium Schwarzkopf , Black Jade is that if grown in full sun the leaves will turn Black however if grown in more shaded conditions the leaves will be Green.

Grow it as an indoor plant anywhere it is easy to maintain as well as attention grabbing when displaying Black leaves.  Aeonium Schwarzkopf , Black Jade does very well planted outdoors in mild wintered areas  , once established it is hardy  to 30 degrees  but might experience some damage to the rosettes.

We are offering a for sale a well-established plant showing a 3 to 5 inch rosette and about 3 to 5 inches tall.