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Trio Nursery’s plants produce an overabundance of seed  from time to time. When this occurs we often offer the seed  for sale. This availability  depends on the whims of nature , the season the seed is ripe , as well as our having the  time to collect it. When all the conditions come together we list the seed  here on our web page , the window of opportunity can be  quite short  depending on amount of seed on hand and the demand for it.

As you can see this category/department  is one of constant change, please check back often or if you would like to be placed on the  “to contact” list when  a particular seed you are interested in becomes available ;  email us at

Few things equal the pride and sense of accomplishment the growing from seed a prized or rare plant. Select Seed from our online store (box below) to see what seed we currently have available .Items of particular interest have been some of our Agave, Monkey Hand Tree, Dalchampia, Eucalyptus, Chorisa, and Echium.

How to sow and grow plants from seeds

by Kip

It doesn't matter whether you prefer to grow flowering annuals, perennial plants, or fruits and vegetables, growing plants from seeds is a very inexpensive and self satisfying way to make your garden grow!


Starting from seed can be rewarding , exciting , economical and sometimes frustrating! Below you will find guidelines to get you started on the right foot. Start by using a good seed starting medium. Do Not use regular potting soils or garden soil. They contain too much fertilizers and can harbor insect eggs and soil borne diseases. Seedlings do not require fertilizer until after their 1st or 2nd set of true leaves , and then only very light applications. Many seeds require particular soils to germinate, In general a good seed starting formula can be amended, Or mix your own. Below is a formula I have been successful with. 8 parts Perlite fine horticultural grade. 4 parts Vermiculite- fine horticultural grade. 4 parts Peat moss  fine milled is best 5 parts Silica Sand #16  do not use play sand If you are unable to locate the fine grade materials , course material can be fine ground in a food processor. Moisten the mixture, not wet , just damp, Fill the container and gently firm it by pressing lightly on the soil surface. Sow the seed , Make sure the seed has good contact with the soil. Sprinkle some more of the soil mix over the seeds and lightly press on it to insure good seed contact. Water the container and place it in a warm place, Gentle bottom heat is beneficial , a good place is on the top of the refrigerator, it is always warm there. You may also place a plastic bag over the container to retain moisture. Check containers daily, so not allow them to dry out. Use gentle mist to water, A spray bottle works great for this. After the seedlings have emerged, move them to higher light, Try to water in the mornings only ..Never allow seedlings to remain wet at night.

Good Growing and Good Luck