Trio Nursery

Dymondia care and planting

by Kip

Dymondia Margaretae is a slowly spreading , very flat groundcover with 1 to 2 inch narrow leaves that are gray-green on top with white beneath. Though flat to the ground the white undersides are exposed to view as the leaf margins edges roll up and inward when grown dry, giving the apppearance of being variegated. Small yellow daisy flowers bloom amongst the soliage in the summer.

Plant in full sun to light shade in well drained soil, spacing plants 4 to 6 inches on center. Dymondia grows rapidly with irrigation but it has deep succulent roots so it can be very tolerant though notably slower growing when water is witheld. It is hardy to 25 degrees once established and can easily handle 100+ degree days, abut the only things that this plant does not tolerate well is heavy or otherwise non draining soil and gophers.

Soil drainage is critical and can not be over stated. When planting in pots or between flagstone, pavers or stepping stones use a very sandy soil mix , such as 40% veetative matter, 30% builders sand, 30% perlite.

To keep Dymondia lush , water generouslly when first planted, apply thick mulch between plants, and weed regulary for the first 6 to 9 months, or until it spreads to cover the open spaces between the plants