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Orange Clock Vine

by Kip


Orange Clock Vine



Orange Clock Vine also known as Thunbergia gregorii and Thunbergia gibsonii is native to central tropical Africa. 

Bright pure orange flowers whose petal tips are arranged like numbers on a clock are produced year round on this evergreen vine here in costal California. The amount of color that it can put out is unsurpassed by any vine we know of. It is a continuous grower and will creep and crawl over everything within reach. It will grow 8 to 10 feet tall with support or unsupported is can become an extensive groundcover.  The stems have hairs that cause itching when the stems are dead and dry. It is best to wear long sleeves when trimming or removing sections of the Orange Clock Vine. This vine is cold hardy to 25 degrees F and will come back from the ground if nipped by a frost.

Plant in full sun, water only occasionally once established.

The name of the genus honors the Swedish naturalist Carl Peter Thunberg  (1743-1828 ) who spent years botanizing the Cape of Good Hope region of Africa. English botanist Spencer Le Marchant Moore (1850-1931) reportedly named this plant in 1894 to honor Scottish explorer and paleontologist John Walter Gregory   (1864-1932) who collected the type specimen of Thunbergia gregorii when he explored the Great Rift Valley .