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Anchor Plant aka Jet Plane Plant

by Kip

Anchor Plant with hand

Colletia Paradoxa  also known as the Anchor Plant , Thorn of the Cross, Crucifixion Thorn and Jet Plane Plant is native to Uruguay, Argentina and southern Brazil.

 The Anchor Plant is very slow growing to 9 feet tall with oppositely arranged flattened 2 inch wide triangular spine tipped gray-green photosynthetic stems (called Cladoes)  that resemble a ships anchor  or small Jet plane.  A small creamy white lightly fragrant flower (almond like scent) develops at the stem joints in late summer or fall.

 New growth of the Colletia Paradoxa  has small leaves that are present for a very short time.

 Plant in full sun in well-drained soil , it is drought tolerant once established and can tolerate temperatures down to at least 20 degrees F , some say it can take as low as 0 degrees F.

Anchor Plant Jet Plane Plant

 It is very attractive and impressive barrier plant , nothing will dare go through it , with that in mind plant it well away from paths or if in a container well out of the way of passing  guests.

                          Our first sighting of a mature plant  was at the Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Garden located on Catalina Island  off the coast of Southern California while on holiday in 1977.

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