Trio Nursery

African Spear Plant

by Kip

Sanservieria Cylindrica

Sansevieria cylinderica also known as Skyline Spear and African Spear Plant is native to Angola Africa produces long cylindrical leaves arranged in a fan pattern that can reach 3 feet in length and are about 1 inch in diameter at their base. The leaves are dark green although there may bear patterned bands as well. Each fan may have from a few to as many as a dozen leaves.

A well-established Sansevieria cylinderica will have the overall appearance of a bundle of short spears that had been thrust into the soil. An excellent house plant that lends itself to a modern décor in that they look like a piece of modern art.

The Skyline Spear plant spread by underground stolons.  Grown in containers it will eventually produce multiple fans of leaves in a dense thicket form.  Mature plants will produce spikes of many small greenish white tubular fragrant flowers.

As with other Sansevierias this species is easy and very adaptable, best grown in bright filtered light, properly acclimatized, it will tolerate full sun to deep shade. It requires little fertilization and infrequent watering.  The Skyline Spear can be grown outdoors in a mild wintered area. Grow it as you would a cactus or succulent.