Trio Nursery

Form and color

by Kip

Of the thousands of plants available comprising  an infinitely  varied assortment of size, shape , textures and colors  we have selected the plants in this category/ department  that that we feel have special merits, uniqueness and qualities  that will enhance the area they are placed in be it a window box or acreage.

Among the plants listed here you will find some that might be familiar but different in color or others that are odd / strange, exotic looking even some that might be downright ugly. But remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and by definition a weed is a plant out of place; so what might be common in your area is rare or even exotic to someone located half way around the globe from you.

One’s eye is naturally drawn to something that is out of the ordinary, for instance the Jacaranda Tree in full bloom set in habitat of the jungles of Brazil, the blue flower amidst all that sea of green stands out, as does a variegated aspidistra in a dark corner a fern garden or the Hummel’s Sunset Jade in the office or succulent garden.

With this in mind we have selected the material for this category that will bring attention to itself.