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How much light do houseplants need

by Kip

Some plants require direct sunlight, others prefer filtered light these are classified as house plants low light. The amount of time a plant receives direct or indirect sunlight is important.

For some plants, less light from shortening days indicate winter and signal the start of their dormancy period. For others, such as chrysanthemums and Christmas cactus, day length controls their flowering cycle. You can control day length, if you wish, by adding a plant grow light and by placing plants in a dark room.

Its best to display plants in a location that provides the light requirements of each individual house plant. If you decide to place bonsai plants in a location offering less light, you must keep a closer eye on its health or possibly use a small plant grow light.

Since a plant's energy and growth depend upon light, don't expect maximum performance from these plants. Plants growing in limited light should receive less water and fertilizer than identical plants growing in better locations.

Repotting should be put off as long as possible. By withholding water and fertilizer and postponing repotting, you will maintain these plants, rather than encouraging them to grow.

Maintained plants given limited light, water, and fertilizer should last as long as other house plants; they will remain about the same size and shape indefinitely. The best candidates for maintenance growing situations are those that can tolerate filtered or low light.