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by Kip



The primary key to successful cultivation of cacti and succulent plants consists of WATERING at the correct intervals and or during the proper seasons. 

When watering , Plants should be drenched well . At every third or forth watering , the accumulated salts should be leached out by watering several times in one session. 

Keep Plants much drier when they are dormant and during the cold winter months. 

Cacti , especially those growing outdoors , require very little or NO water through the winter months or whenever the possibility of frost exists. Adeniums , mesembes and Eubphobias , should go indoors when the night temps. Go below 50 degrees F. 

Plants in containers should be moderately pot bound , Roots typically seek heat and aeration as well as moisture. The pot bound condition is preferable. When the pot is too large for the plant , the soil can remain cold and wet for extended periods----This is how rot happens. 

Soil mixes , which rarely contain actual soil from the garden , vary tremendously in composition and proportion of ingredients. Soil mix for container succulents and cacti should drain quickly , retain moisture , and act to hold the plant securely in place. 

Pumice or Perlite , a course white gravel like soft rock , is generally the primary component of nursery mixes for cacti. Many cacti thrive in sand, perlite or gravel, with little or no soil. A mixture of Half good potting soil and half pumice / perlite works well for most succulents. 

Fertilizing container plants is best done minimally . You may add a weak solution of plant food at every second or third watering of an actively growing cacti or succulent. 

Succulents approaching and during their dormant period should not be fertilized .[ The cessation of a plants growing season is often indicated with flowering and seed or fruit production]

Carefully read fertilizer labels , as ratios may be used to promote either foliage or flower production. 

Dilute, Dilute , Dilute , More is NOT better! 

Even a little too much fertilizer can Burn a plant , causing damage or death. 

Many cacti and succulents enjoy the protection of an overhead shrub or tree in the natural habitat, Few species require full sun. 

Today most succulents have been grown in greenhouses with filtered light / some shading and good air circulation .. 

Do Not Sunburn a new plant ! Acclimate it to its new home. Morning sun is best , most cacti require at least four hours of strong light daily. 

Many leafy succulents thrive with fewer hours of bright light. 

Dormant plants should be kept somewhat shaded and protected allowing them to be kept dry. 

I hope you have found this helpful and informative , if you have any questions I can be reached at 

Thank You for your interest in my plants