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Korean Grass
Korean Grass
Korean Grass
Korean Grass

Korean Grass Zoysia tenifolia

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ground cover
2 inches
light shade/sun
ground cover
low water use

Korean Grass also known as Zoysia tenifolia.

Korean Grass is a Dark Green matting type of grass that gives mossy Oriental effect to any planted area. 

A medium green, creeping, fine textured, grows slowly, forming, undulating mounds, makes a beautiful grassy meadow in areas impossible to mow or water often.

Korean Grass is deeply rooted hence it does not require frequent watering once established. It is often used as inter plantings between stepping stones or pavers. Grows to mounds 3 inches tall, Hardy to 25 degrees.

We are offering the grass 3 to 4 inches square and very full, it could be divided in quarters for starting your own grassy meadow.