Caper Bush

Cappraris spinosa var. Inermis

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24 inches
low water use
Caper Bush
Caper Bush
Caper Bush
Caper Bush
Caper Bush
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Caper Bush also known as Capraris spinosa var Inermis is native to the Mediterranean area.

This is a spineless variant of Capparis Spinosa it grows as a low mounding shrub 2 to 3 feet tall, arching red stems and dark green Simi succulent round leaves.

Useful and beautiful plant . Plants must be a mininum of 2 years old to bare flower buds which will appear from May to September these are the edible capers of commerce. Left unpicked these buds form a fragrant pinkish white flower. Hardy to 30 degrees F.

Plant the Caper Bush in a well-drained soil in a hot sunny location with little or no water in the summer. A sure way to kill a caper bush is to overwater it.

We are offering for sale a well-established plant 2 to 3 years old ; they have 2 or more branches that are 10 to 16 inches long.