Trio Nursery

Items in Bamboo & Grass like
Agapanthus Peter Pan L

Agapanthus Peter Pan L

plant 4" to 6" tall 4" to 6" wide L

Anigozanthus Viridis  Phar Lap

Anigozanthus Viridis Phar Lap

plant 5 inches wide by 12 inches tall

Black Bamboo M

Black Bamboo M

plant 3 to 6 feet tall

Chocolate Bamboo  L

Chocolate Bamboo L

plant 4 to 6 feet tall

Equisetum hyemal

Equisetum hyemal

plant 10 to 14 inches tall

Mexican Weeping Bamboo  L

Mexican Weeping Bamboo L

A beautiful, drought resistant, clumping form of Bamboo