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Welcome to our piece of paradise…Trio Nursery is located in the foothills of beautiful Santa Barbara California, otherwise known as the American Riviera. The Trio Nursery ranch named Rancho De Trabajo Duro, or Ranch of Hard Work, offers stunning panoramic ocean and island views and a near perfect Mediterranean climate for our diverse collection plants ranging from old favorites to the exotic. Since 1976 our passion for plants and growing plants has transcended the normal everyday nursery experience.

At Trio Nursery, we truly care about three things…Nurturing our plants, unyielding customer satisfaction, and Trio Nursery’s reputation.


Please choose from any department in our online store (box below) or use the search box in the top of the right hand corner of our page to assist you in finding what you are looking for or give you some ideas of what would work in your situation.
Yellow Clivia

Yellow Clivia


Plant 12" to 14" tall

Leather Leaf Fern

Leather Leaf Fern


plant 4" to 6" tall

Dasylirion Desert Spoon  S

Dasylirion Desert Spoon S


plant 12 to 14 inches tall

Beaucarnea recurvata variegata Gold Star

Beaucarnea recurvata variegata Gold Star


plant 16 inches to 30 inches tall

Ivy Geranium Mixed Colors

Ivy Geranium Mixed Colors


10 plants blooming size

Aloe arborescens  M

Aloe arborescens M


plant 12" to 14" tall

Ivy Geranium Picasso

Ivy Geranium Picasso


3 plants blooming size

Our intimate knowledge of the conditions our plants need affords us the ability to recommend the right plant for a specific region and the ability to help a customer choose the right plant to meet their needs. We pride ourselves in listening to our customer’s desires and advising them on which plant will thrive and provide optimal results. Our reputation is dependent on creating a long term, happy relationship between our customer and their new Trio Nursery plant. We work hard at the Trio Nursery Ranch because we love plants with a passion. Let our passion be your reward.

Whether you are looking for a cactus for the patio or geraniums and bamboo for the garden you are sure to find that ideal plant in our selection of plants from such diverse places as Mexico, Asia, and South Africa, South America and Australia and climates ranging from tropical rain forests to deserts.

Trio Nursery collaborates with other local growers to augment as well as supplement our plant selection.  We welcome inquiries regarding plants you might not find listed on our web page. Our site also contains a large quantity of information in the form of blogs, videos, pictures and other types of information to help you with your selection and care of the plants of your choice.

Ivy Geraniums

Native to the Cape Province of South Africa where they grow in Sheltered Places. The species was first introduced into Holland in 1700 and into England in 1774.

published: May 1, 2012


The primary key to successful cultivation of cacti and succulent plants consists of WATERING at the correct intervals and or during the proper seasons. When watering , Plants should be drenched well.

published: May 1, 2012

Control and Maintain Running Bamboo

Bamboo makes an ideal garden plant and grows quickly to provide privacy and beauty. There are many ways to control bamboo. Here, we cover the use of an in ground plastic root barrier.

published: May 1, 2012